Drip Zone IV Announces it's New Website!

Drip Zone iV a Health and Wellness Company Launch it’s New Website

Drip Zone iV New Website LaunchA rockwall-based company dedicated to preventing or minimizing effects of colds, flu or other viral illness turns to Click4Corp to revitalize online image.

Rockwall, TX – October 18, 2017 – Drip Zone iV, a Rockwall, Texas-based company dedicated to assisting customers maintain or improve their current state of good health by preventing or minimizing the effects of colds, flu or other viral illness via detox drip, announced the launch of its new website. Created by Click4Corp and located at www.DripZoneiV.com, the reimagined online portal provides visitors to the site easier accessibility to information about Drip Zone’s services, which include iV Cocktails, iV Mixers, iV Chasers, Shots and Packages, in addition to improved Gallery, About Us, Why Drip and Contact Us sections.

With a business philosophy that suggests it’s “healing the world one drip at a time,” Drip Zone iV’s core focus is on iV nutrient therapy, a safe, powerful approach that supports the body through the utilization of vitamins, minerals and amino acids administered directly into the bloodstream. According to Drip Zone iV representatives, because iV therapy is 100-percent absorbed it renders the approach an effective way to receive vitamins, minerals and amino acids when illness, aging and everyday stress change the circumstances.

Further, Drip Zone iV tailors each iV for specific hydration purposes to support the ability of the body to restore, replenish and revitalize, offering a hassle-free infusion system of iV nutrients, minerals and/or amino acids – without the need to visit a physician prior to treatment. An array of unique iV drips are administered by Drip Zone iV staff for the sole purpose of replenishing the body of depleted nutrients following dehydration, hangovers, low energy bouts, fatigue spells and athletic recovery, with many using the approach for overall wellness, anti-aging and weight loss goals.

Drip Zone iV senior company spokespeople have stated that sickness, poor diet, poor sleep, stress and lack of exercise all contribute to the human body being deprived of good nutrition; in response, iV therapy helps combat some of the effects that these problems have on the body. Some symptoms that these problems cause, according to Drip Zone iV medical research personnel, include depression and anxiety, problems with digestion, dermatological conditions, obesity or sudden weight gain and chronic fatigue. As a solution, iV therapy (which includes a hydrogen peroxide drip) – in addition to a healthy diet, exercise/physical activity, decreasing stress or discovering techniques to manage stress – represents a valuable regimen to help restore energy, replenish health, revitalize the body and more, all of which contributes to feeling more focused mentally, having the ability to perform daily tasks with greater precision, improving overall mood and levels of vitality, improving productivity throughout the day, enhancing energy for exercise and personal interests/hobbies, experiencing more relaxed feelings of control and stability and stronger, more robust immune systems.

The immunity drip company’s menu encompasses the Original (Myers Cocktail) detox drip, the Hangover Drip, the SuperCharge Drip, the Glow Drip, the Excite Drip, the ChilLax Drip, the SugarBlaster Drip, the Gut Detox Drip and the Ozone (MAH) immunity drip. A hydrogen peroxide drip is also available.

Drip Zone iV is located at 2455 Ridge Road #151 in Rockwall, TX and can be reached by calling (972) 771-8900. For more information visit www.DripZoneiV.com

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